Bellavigna is located in Montefalcione near Avellino.

Address: Contrada Carrani, Montefalcione (AV), 83030.

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Arrive from East Avellino Highroad Gate,

At the first fork, go right following the signs for Foggia/Bari, after go straight across and turn to the right when you see sign for Montefalcione. You can see many signs of Bellavigna Country House along the way.


Distances (Google Maps):

Bellavigna – East Avellino highway: 10km (6 miles)/14min

Bellavigna – Avellino: 12 km (8 miles)/15min

Bellavigna – Salerno: 49 km (30 miles)/35min

Bellavigna – Naples: 68 km (42 miles)/45min

Bellavigna – Amalfi Coast- Amalfi:  69km (43 miles)/50min

Bellavigna – Rome: 265 km (164 miles) / 2:30 hours


Distances Industrial Area (Google Maps):

-Bellavigna – Denso Thermal System SPA,

Via Pianodardine: 13km(8miles)/15 min > View Map

-Bellavigna – FCA Fiat Auto,

Pratola Serra: 7 km(4miles)/10 min > View Map


The road that connects Bellavigna to Industria Area is without traffic and high speed.


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